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Presenter: Dr. Kenneth Wesson - San Jose, Ca
About the Presenter: Kenneth Wesson delivers keynotes on the neuroscience of learning for educational organizations & institutions and speaks on establishing “brain-considerate” learning environments. Dr. Wesson has served as a science writer for Science IQ and worked as an educational consultant for Stanford Research Institute.

In a rapidly changing 21st-century economy where global economic leadership is shifting and where unpredictable new technologies will impact the workplace of the future, how do we prepare students academically for the uncertain future?

Continuing to teach isolated subject matter, skills and concepts in ways independent of understanding how they will be used in the 21st century workplace and how they are connected to one another does a disservice to the learner, to the knowledge at stake, and to our economic future. Academic "silos" frequently obscure content linkages and conceptual connections. Our ultimate educational goal is "career preparation" in which students learn to think critically, to communicate and collaborate, and to develop problem-solving repertoire in order to solve problems that don't exist yet.
Students will need to become flexible thinkers who can constantly modify the competencies in their "cognitive tool chests," to adapt in a new world where there is no assurance that today's valuable knowledge will have currency tomorrow.

Focus Areas: Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

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