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Presenters: Dr. Kenneth Wesson

About the Presenter: Kenneth Wesson delivers keynotes on the neuroscience of learning for educational organizations & institutions and speaks on establishing “brain-considerate” learning environments. Dr. Wesson has served as a science writer for Science IQ and worked as an educational consultant for Stanford Research Institute.

Do we "go to school to learn" or does learning take place inside the brain anywhere the brain goes? Composed of over 150 different types of cells, the human brain is the most fascinating of all known organs. There are over 100 billion neurons, whose interconnections exceed the one quadrillion figure. Most importantly, robust neural pathways rearrange themselves efficiently to generate new conceptual understandings. The mind becomes what the brain does or does not do. What, when, and how the brain learns ultimately determines what its owner is capable of learning in the future.
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Focus Areas: Critical thinking & problem solving

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Presenter Articles:

Learning and Memory

30 Ways to Improve Your Memory

September 2011 issue of the National Science Teachers Association, "Science and Children" includes Ken's Guest Editorial “Minds, Maps and Models: Visualizing Science”

Fall 2011 issue of Brain World includes Ken's article on “Emotions and Education: How Children Feel Affects How They Learn,” which has some insights into understanding “why” children both remember and forget.