Health, Fitness & Mobile Technology for 21st Century StudentMichael_Edwards.jpg

Presenters: Michael Edwards, iSchool Initiative

Description: Health/Fitness uses intuitive, visually appealing applications to show a new way of involving students in their personal health. Learning new workouts, logging daily meals and tracking runs via GPS are all possible and easy to learn for both students and their health instructors. This session will share ideas for getting students engaged in their health and fitness.

About the Presenter: Michael is a graduate student at Kennesaw State University where he is currently studying applied exercise and health science with a physiology focus. With this focus in health & exercise, Michael is not only delivering seminars about becoming a mobile learner, but also tackling the equally large issues of childhood obesity and disease prevention. Michael is using health related applications on mobile devices to assist schools in providing health awareness at the classroom level. Michael also works full time as a personal trainer at Concourse Athletic Club in Atlanta where he uses a mobile device to help clients maintain their health and reach their goals.

Focus Areas: Mobile Computing, Health & Fitness, ICT Literacy, Communication

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