How to Be Successful with Your 1:1 Initiativescottdrossos3.jpg

Presenters: Scott Drossus, Pearson Senior Vice President of 1:1 Initiatives

Description: More and more school districts are looking to implement a pervasive mobile computing strategy to help students develop 21st Century Skills and enhance student engagement. It's essential that these initiatives also improve teacher effectiveness, student achievement in a cost effective manner. In this engaging session you will learn about the Person 1:1 Framework that has been developed for K-12 schools and school systems. The Person 1:1 Framework is grounded in current research and based on best practices from the most successful one-to-one implementations in the U.S. Person's methodology is different from traditional approaches by component product and service providers whose piece-meal approaches often generate little or no academic benefit. Understanding what works and how to bring it all together is essential in successful 1:1 initiatives; in order to ensure that the initiatives help prepare students for college and workforce readiness.

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