The T & E in S.T.E.M. "Opportunities for Problem Solving, Critical Thinking Innovation"
Dr. Neal Grandgenett
Dr. Elliott Ostler, UNO

Presenters: Dr. Neal Grandgenett & Dr. Elliott Ostler, University of Nebraska at Omaha

Research in STEM Education has been rapidly expanding during these last several years and many professional organizations, such as the National Research Council is pointing to the need to better illustrate concepts across science, technology, engineering, and mathematics by using interdisciplinary approaches to instruction that cross traditional curriculum lines between these disciplines. In particular, national recommendations are suggesting that the T&E of STEM (Technology and Engineering) can be used as key opportunities for problem solving, critical thinking, and innovation in more traditional science and mathematics coursework, such as physics and algebra. This session will provide an overview of new STEM educational research documents available, as well as provide examples of how new technologies such as iPads can help to enhance STEM instruction, as well as new engineering platforms such as educational robotics, so that the T&E help to truly be a catalyst to better understanding across the STEM disciplines.
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Focus Areas: Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Computers & Technology, Life & Career Skills

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